Technology Partnerships

Sheffield collaborates with best-in class technology and services companies to co-create solutions that add value and drive business for our customers. Our additive Security and Enterprise Asset Management Solutions complement, enrich and improve an organization’s engineering, operations and maintenance processes. By partnering with a diverse group of companies we bring diverse experience and in-depth knowledge to innovate and quickly add value to our long-term and new customers.

Accu-traq was founded to introduce a solution for managing foreign material in refuel outages for their Nuclear Customers.  We use RFID and other technologies to support and enhance these processes. The use of RFID is not new but the difference is our ability to understand the challenge, define or enhance processes, understanding what technologies should be considered, how to make it all work making it easier for the customer while improving processes and reducing risk.

In 2016, Accu-traq was introduced to Sheffield Scientific at the Nuclear Information Technology Strategic Leadership (NITSL) Conference.  Sheffield has deep roots and a respected reputation for successful implementation and understanding of current and legacy enterprise software programs in all facets of the utility sectors worldwide.

Accu-traq had identified a gap that existed in their asset tracking deployments.  Sheffield provided the missing link required for Accu-traq to perfect and make real their sustainable and expandable solution.  Sheffield’s agnostic and objective approach provided a trustworthy partner that aligned with Accu-traq’s vision to implement solutions that directly account for verifiable reductions in MWh (Megawatt hour) costs for our Utility customers.

The two companies working together provide the industry a resource that understands the struggles inherent in the “Manual” Asset Management Approach from an Operations and Maintenance Perspective in addition to the Industry Expertise Required from a Technology and Compliance Vantage Point.

ClearVue includes consultants, project managers, and engineers each with a minimum of twelve (12) years of enterprise level physical security project experience supplemented with work experience in electrical utilities, government facilities, water treatment facilities, and airports. ClearVue has worked with utility clients throughout North America and has functional expertise in conducting procurement, leading construction projects, directing capital programs, managing security operations, developing security maintenance programs, and examining a multitude of security system technologies. ClearVue team members have an extensive history of involvement and participation with physical security groups and organizations which include:

    • ASIS International (ASIS)
    • Security Industry Association
    • (SIA)Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC)
    • WECC – Physical Security Working Group (PSWG)
    • Arizona Burglary and Fire Association
    • Central Arizona Society for Healthcare Engineering (CASHE)
    • Door and Hardware Institute (DHI)

Other security consulting and professional services are tailored in the areas of:

    • Master Planning & Design Package Development
    • Site Evaluation and Scope Development
    • Engineering and Design Services

DataGlance, has been driving efficiency in the energy industry with transformative eWork Solutions since 2001 through deployment of a suite of mobile eWork solutions and apps (DGPro™) that align with all existing major enterprise data management software platforms. In simple terms – DataGlance™ empowers and enables Workforce Pros to do more daily.  DGPro Mobile eWork Solution apps are used extensively in the utility and asset management space to dramatically improve work process productivity, reduce system downtime, improve speed and quality of data migration and archiving to greatly enhance the presentation, production and use of critical forms and documents.

Mobile solutions and applications are a critical component to ensure fast and efficient flow of information. Competition is fierce and compliance is relentless, so energy providers must find ways to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. This mandates that they employ fast and effective mobile communications to ensure that they effectively manage, unify, and communicate data in real, or near real time, between plants, facilities and their mobile work forces. The days of a single Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software system being able to satisfy all the needs of a business are over. Today’s business environment demands the ability to integrate existing EAM systems with numerous other specialized databases and mobile applications to optimize productivity and efficiency.

From renewable developers to urban rail operators; from energy generation, transmission and distribution to mining and industrial companies; for over 1,100 customers around the world, Hitachi ABB is dedicated to delivering a better model of enterprise business solutions, one that takes a whole-systems approach to enterprise asset health.

As the only industrial enterprise software solution provider with a combined IT/OT offering, Hitachi ABB Power Grids and our select partner ecosystem work seamlessly to execute best-of-breed solutions for your most critical business objectives.

The Enterprise Software product group has been providing software, intelligence and services that serve the unique needs of essential industries for over 40 years.

Hitachi ABB Power Grids Digital Enterprise is a solution that crosses enterprise-wide data and system silos to provide unprecedented, single-source access to information and action regarding the operations, assets, systems and the workforce that supports them. It enables faster outcomes by providing employees with comprehensive information derived from multiple operational systems, so they can weigh key decision factors and take immediate action. Whether in the field or the boardroom, no matter the role, everyone across the enterprise can have the information and action-ability they need at the precise moment and place it’s needed.

Over 22 years in business, private, veteran-owned, 11 US locations while protecting $50 Billion in mission-critical assets. Have delivered over $300 Million of secure computing capabilities to US government for mission-critical environments as a DoD, National Security Agency trusted integrator.  SPARQ provides a family of security, network, processing, and storage technologies that combine firewall, routing and encryption functions including:

    • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solution with 100Mbps to 100Gbps dual encrypted security
    • Agentless deployment in client environments
    • Converged cybersecurity architecture
    • On premise, cloud and hybrid hosted offerings
    • Seamless integration with legacy/existing cyber technologies/solutions (no stranded assets/costs)
    • Easily scalable: network agnostic, endless enclaves and encryption capabilities
    • Enables and lowers cost of compliance (NERC CIP, FERC
    • Managed Services