Tag Out and Electronic Shift Operations Management System (eSOMS)

Sheffield Scientific has significant Engineering, Operations and Maintenance IT based related Tagout/eSOMS experience facilities in the energy sector; ensuring an efficient, and safe operation & maintenance of plant assets. Helping our clients to implement applications and procedures that provide a safe, reliable and consistent system/work process with access to information and records while improving productivity and reducing cost. Our staff is experienced with a variety of IT systems used in the plant tagout and operator/maintenance processes. Services provided include:

    • Program review/assessment
    • Gap analysis
    • Application knowledge
    • Procedure development
    • Remediation planning
    • Technical architecture support

The eSOMS application work areas include:

    • Clearance
    • Operator Rounds
    • Limiting Conditions for Operation (LCO) Tracking
    • Narrative Logs
    • Notice of Change (NoC)
    • Mobile Logbook

The Tagout/eSOMS benefits include:

    • Plant and Personnel Safety
    • System/Equipment Reliability
    • Enhanced Productivity
    • Cost Reduction
    • Information Access and effective Communications for all plant personnel
    • Regulatory Compliance